360° to 6° to 1°

The 360° to 6° to 1° process is very straight forward but has to become part of the fabric of your firm. At Pacific Genesis, Inc. our goal is to assist and guide you through this process to achieve the ultimate goal – increasing revenue.


We look at what drives the decisions. Whether it is pursuing one project, an agency or creating a long-term project pipeline, we analyze the uniqueness of your firm, develop a plan to expand your current market and create a program to be successful. We analyze what influences decision. We employ a “hub and spoke” concept to drive the selection to you.

No strategy is successful unless you can get your services and products to the decision-makers. Pacific Genesis, Inc. DNA is based on our ability to identify and quickly  get you to the right decision maker, utilize your firm’s untapped resources and relationships, and pin point what are the real factors that will make your firm become the preferred client  of choice.

Pacific Genesis works side-by-side with our clients to strategically place you in front of the key decision makers, whether it be the CEO of a corporation, public officials, the right teaming partners or getting your firm on the right team, meeting investors or that one person that can change the future of your firm’s with one positive word – Yes!

Pacific Genesis has a global perspective of the client. We have a local and global reach and understanding of the dynamic market, the geographic landscape, the competition, and the opportunities and constraints in forming a winning team or proposal. We have built a network of resources that range from CEO’s to public officials to private sector directors that are the decision makers.  We do not spend our time chasing projects, we spend our time winning work. If we cannot bring value to a project or strategy, we will not be part of your team. The goal is to have a global understanding of the market, the issues and the potential to win.

There are two ways to boost the bottom line – cut costs or increase revenues

Cost control is important, of course, but you can only cut so much.  A mentor once told us that “cutting cost is easy; getting new work is the hard part.” Cost-cutting can send negative signals to your investors, your workforce, your vendors and your customers. The real, long-term, positive solution to a better bottom line is revenue enhancement – and that means improving sales performance.

The team at Pacific Genesis, Inc. has over 100 years of industry experience and a proven process to win new business. Pacific Genesis can assist your firm in the pursuit of the right business opportunities that has the greatest potential for success and profit.

Our 360° to 6° to 1° business development process will provide you with the insight, business intelligence and identify the key decision makers that will increase business development opportunities and improve your position on future competitive procurements.